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Looking for Promoters

2011-12-11 23:18:26 by SteveKaOs

I'm looking for spots I can promote my tracks and my name. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them. As of right now, I'm on Bandcamp and here on Newgrounds. I'm undecided with Twitter and Facebook

I appreciate any help I receive thanks guys!

On The Road To Glory

2011-08-26 19:15:48 by SteveKaOs

Damn! Promotion is my key at this point. My "On The Floor" remix (By Jennifer Lopez) has gotten great feedback and I have to say, for once, I'm very proud of this track. I've been busting ass to get more professional quality in my electronic music and every time I release a track I'm always listening to it thinking "damn, it's missing something." At this point I want to push promotion of this track and find more quality acapellas to toy with and continue making tracks so that I can become a better producer and, hell, maybe be on the weekly spotlight here on Newgrounds. That's my goal and I hope to achieve it with the help of fans I will show my dedication and support to all of you who add me 'cuz I love you for loving me haha. Please keep checking out my new stuff, message me with any questions or ideas - I'm more than happy to talk to all of you and return the support and interest you have in me. I love you guys and I hope you continue to check in on my progress.

Thank you! ~[$k]