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New: Activation - Dj Jäger New: Activation - Dj Jäger

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Got That Monsta

You definitely know how to duplicate Skrillex man I hear a lot of that in there which is pretty sick and all but I feel like those sounds are going to burn out soon because Skrillex's problem is that he just freaks out. Yeah, granted, I like the WOAH!!! But with a song like this you want that feeling to carry throughout the entire track, you know? So I would..... slow the freaks down and keep your melody throughout the dub drops kind of like what Mt. Eden does, you know? You can really find tracks that would accept a more Skrillex freak out but I don't think this is one of em.

The drums, however, are off the chain and I love it man. I don't like the guitar 'cuz it sounds like country distortion. Heavy metal is a drop D thick string nasty distortion so I can't agree with that description but regardless this is dope and I do like it. I guess I'm just not in a freak out mood lol

"Air stones" WIP "Air stones" WIP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

All About Strategy

This isn't too bad but yeah, I can see where quality can be handled better if you got more knowledge in FL Studio. Believe it or not though FL Studio is extremely easy to learn once you know all the basics - you just need someone to point you the right direction.

Organization: this is pretty simple though I'm not the best to get advice from on this point cuz my listings are usually pretty ugly too but I keep them organized in a simple way so I don't get lost. The easiest way to do this is piece your song together per sample you want to create. For each pattern I'll do the most significant pieces on it and then title it something like "Kick Set 1" or "Lead Melody 1" this helps me identify which pattern I want to use later. I usually leave the wave tables alone unless I'm using controlled animations or want to cut up patterns that section usually looks like hell for me. You just need to find your preference for that.

Mastering Keys: Make sure that you check your audio tracks and that they don't rise over -10 this is to allow anyone who wants to mix your track to manipulate it easy without any sounds trailing. The second thing is compressions and limiting. Limiting helps your track with low-high outputs and avoids clipping while compression tweaks lows-mids so that sounds such as your kicks come out with a much better overall sound. You don't have to know too much about them just use presets and find the one that works for you! Also use soundgoodizer for things like your snares.

The biggest thing is don't get concerned about experimenting. I've flirted around with that program so much that I've got all sorts of knowledge just because I was experimenting and that's where you'll learn to create things that others don't have like I have my own bassline that I use for my electro house tracks I created.

Ableton is, hands down, the best music software on the market. I plan on buying that when I get my money saved up for all my hardware.

Hope that answers all your questions, if not, go ahead and PM and I'll get you tutorials and such to help you out. Happy producing!

ErlendHL responds:

Thank you very much! :) I'll PM you about what I don't understand.

And so it begins.. And so it begins..

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Getting Better

This I can see people dancing too. You're mastering's getting better too just make sure you don't have everything too loud or it'll cut other sounds out and you lose quality that way. Also, do some research on compressions for your kick you'll be amazed at how it'll make it sound. Other than that this is very good keep it up!

Reality Driven Reality Driven

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Dig Your Voice

It's gay of me to say but you got a Sean Danielsen (Smile Empty Soul) sound in your voice and I like it but you need to sing louder than your guitar 'cuz that bitch is beating your ass through this whole song lol I'd record both separately then master them. You can also use a program like audacity to try and get rid of as much of that background crap as possible. Overall it sounds good from the sounds of it but I gotta hear lyrics man.

PseudoMoron responds:

Wow, thanks man. I really appreciate the compliment :) I've tried to wean myself off the Conor Oberst impression, but I'm struggling to find a balance between that and my normal high-pitched "I'm from England" voice. I've considered getting a mic for band practice as I'm also often annoyed that the vocals are lost over the instruments. As for Smile Empty Soul, I'm not familiar with them (the only post-grunge I've heard is Cold and Foo-Fighters) but from what I've heard on youtube, the vocal association is a great compliment. You have me converted :D

Dubstep Banger WIP Dubstep Banger WIP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Main Bass?

Not sure about the main bass but you like to use that wee metallic bass which is interesting. I suggest throwing that subsound in those dub drops to give it a bump but other than that this is good man I like it!

Heaven Rd.2 (Gabberstep Mix) Heaven Rd.2 (Gabberstep Mix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I'm gonna have to remember this "Gabberstep" thing it's ridiculous like the speed of happy hardcore but dubstep and nonsense. WTF!? lol I'm still lost but I like it at the same time xD

ruffi - Catch me on the Moon ruffi - Catch me on the Moon

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not Sure About The Lyrics

Beats really good sounds early 90-2000s and I dig that old school feel. The vocal cuts are excellent but I'm not too sure about the lyrics but then again there's some spots I can't really hear them. think you can post them in the description? Other than that good good you got my approval!

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emoruffino responds:

thanks! i'll get around to posting those lyrics soon for you....

A - Freefall A - Freefall

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good Good

This is pretty good. That beginning part was drug out a little bit and I would have put a short pause between that final tear in your build-up to your climax to bring out that moment of anticipation but overall a good track. Keep it up man this is good!

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Audikore responds:

Allright man, Will do :D

A - Shocker(Demo) A - Shocker(Demo)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Guru Josh?

This got a Guru Josh influence? That lead sound sounds similiar to his. I like it though it's definitely old school and I think it could use some sexy vocals and you'll have hit. Make sure that if you're going to have a slightly long intro to add some sounds here in there to keep the listener thinking "what's coming next?" you know? Also compress that kick too. Great potential with this track. Good shit mu man!

Audikore responds:

was it? i didnt know that, maybe we use the same VSTI. still, i never heard "Guru Josh" before. anyway, will do. Thanks :D

my first house my first house

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That Build Up

That build up starting at :54... My advice to you is get rid of that saw that's underneath the melody. That bass does the work in making that lead come out but it's an great uplifter your climax just didn't drag out so it felt unfinished. You definitely like using your midi lol and it sounds good. Good work man.